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Back Bacon

Sealed pack 600g in slicesThe most beautiful bacon you can imagineWe can deliver you the smoked ..

€6,00 Ex Tax: €5,50

Chicken In White Sauce

Tin 400gChunks of chicken in a white sauce..

€4,00 Ex Tax: €3,67


tin 392gHaggis is a typical Scottish dish.It was eaten by the ancient Celts.Haggis is a sheep's stom..

€3,75 Ex Tax: €3,44

Heinz Baked Beans

tin 415gIn the UK the term almost exclusively refers to beans beans in a tomato sauce. Many people r..

€1,00 Ex Tax: €0,92

Irish Stew

Tin 400gChunks of mutton with mixed vegetables in gravy..

€4,00 Ex Tax: €3,67

Minced Beef with Onions in Gravy

Tin 392gGreat taste!Brazillian beef is sourced from long established ranch areas..

€4,00 Ex Tax: €3,67


sealed pack 6 singlesA great traditional tasting sausage that will never disapoints, not too spicy a..

€6,95 Ex Tax: €6,38

Stewed Steak In a meaty gravy

Tin 400gStewed steak in a rich meaty gravy..

€4,00 Ex Tax: €3,67