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Guinness Crisps

pack 40gBox 20 x 40gBurts Hand Cooked Potato Chips with Guinness® Flavour,Burts potatoes are grown t..

€15,00 Ex Tax: €13,76

Walkers Chips Meaty Variety pack 18

18 pack XL100% British potatoes Sunseed oilNo artificial colours or preservatives Suitable for veget..

€7,99 Ex Tax: €7,33

Walkers Chips Prawn Cocktail 6p

6 pack of 25g sachets6 pack with the only real shrimp cocktail taste..

€2,99 Ex Tax: €2,74

Walkers Chips ready Salted 6p

6 pack of 25g sachetswith the only real natural sea salts taste..

€2,99 Ex Tax: €2,74

Walkers Chips roast Chicken 6p

Walkers magnificant 6p6 pack van 25g roast chicken..

€2,99 Ex Tax: €2,74

Walkers Chips Salt & Vinegar 6p

6 pack of 25g sachetswith the only real salt and vinegar flavor..

€2,99 Ex Tax: €2,74

Walkers Chips Smokey Bacon 6p

6 pack of 25g sachetsThe only real smokey bacon flavor..

€2,99 Ex Tax: €2,74

Walkers Quavers Cheese Crisps

Selection pack of 18 x 16g mini's with favourite Cheese crisps..

€7,75 Ex Tax: €7,11

Walkers Salt and Vinegar Flavour Crisps 32.5g

With real British vinegar100% great British potatoes, the BESTCooked with sunseed oil, naturally low..

€0,75 Ex Tax: €0,69

Walkers Variety pack XL 18 packs

Big bag with 18 x 25gExclusively made with 100% British potatoes. Sunseed oil - naturally lower in s..

€7,99 Ex Tax: €7,33